Thursday, November 3, 2011

Most Anticipated Films of 2011~12

You've been hired by a pop-culture magazine to do 3 full page illustrations for a spread about the most anticipated films of 2011~12. You will be assigned a film in class.

The concept is to create pieces composed of models that embody the essence of the film in both style and attitude, within some sort of environment inspired by the film. The background/environment for this piece is just as important as the figures, so consider your approach to it carefully. You may include bits of environment, characters, props, or anything that thematically echoes the plot. The setting may be mood based and entirely abstract, so long as it communicates as connection with the subject. Consider the content, theme, style, and narrative of your film. Do some research. Most of thefilms have yet to be released, and have very little content available for viewing. Watch trailers, look at photos, read the plot synopsis. Be creative in your approach to this. Your models should evoke a senes of the film without being "obvious" (ie: If your film is Batman, don't put your model in a Batman costume or a Batman tee-shirt. Rather, dress her in something current, and stylish that calls up a clever visual connection to the film). Keep in mind that this is a high-end magazine, and absurdity and humor are to be kept to a minimum. Your job is to make these films seem appealing to the reader, and to do so in a smart and stylish way. These pieces will be "run" at full bleed. The bleed area measurements are 8.25" x 11.125". The "live" area for print falls 1/4" within the bleed.
Your finals need to be printed at this size.


Sooo I'll post up some works done by past illustrators from this class because it's difficult for me to find illustrators working for movies related to fashion, but look what I have for now!