Thursday, November 24, 2011

Karli Sketch

So this composition needs to be more dynamic, as i am quickly learning fighting is hard to drawwwww. I am thinking the girl on the far right needs to be kicking the girl on the ground on the right in the face? i don't know. Help?!


  1. Hey Karli!

    -Compared to your illustration, it's simple to the point where it's boring. To make it interact more, perhaps making the beach in the background a before or after math of the fight? Maybe showing elements like a torn shirt or towel? Bathing suit?!
    -You're using a yellow I don't see in the illustration...

    My biggest question is what kind of fight you're looking for.
    The two directions I can see you is...


    To get to the second image, I search for the word "wrestle" rather than "fight."
    To make the scene more interesting, you would need more references on how bodies can tangle up in fights. And the girls closest to they know there's a fight? Maybe they're cheering them on?
    Great references to the outfits.
    Here's another fun one that's one of my fav (but you don't have to use it, I just wanted to share):

  2. Facial expressions are going to be important for this one. I'd say bring the girl it he foreground a little closer to us, to create a deeper space.

    I'd also add 1 or 2 beach accoutrements, that maybe can even be used in the fighting instead of just sitting there. Someone choking someone else with a towel? Someone jabbing someone in the face with one of those little plastic sand shovels?

    I agree, the 10x2 is way too calm to match the 10x10. Maybe have 2 seagulls fighting over a french fry? haha

  3. If a composition is getting too frustrating it can be a good idea to crop and start from there instead. Cropping in and up to focus on the three girls with faces could be interesting because it would make a triangular compsition. You can think of poses based on how the diagonals of limbs move your eye through the piece too.
    And I know this is a sketch but you should also pay attention to your skin color choices. Having them all a red so that it references sunburn would be visually interesting because you could make a lot of different positive shapes.