Thursday, November 24, 2011

Melia's Sketch



  1. Super cute! I like her attitude and the "look at me write with light" face. Also holding a firework with her mouth? Pretty bad ass.
    I would suggest drawing her higher, or larger to take up more space, especially above her head. I love that you embraced the fact that she's not playing with fire very safely and that everything else is catching on fire, but hey, there's the kiddy pool so all is good.
    The outfit doesn't seem to read July to me. Although I know from your aesthetic that you like the bright colors showing up here in I'm starting to see that the reds/fire is doing that in this image with an overall look of dark blues?
    Because I like her attitude and how she poses, I almost think making her seem like she's writing the word "July" is pushing it. It doesn't seem to flow well with her pose and almost seems like an after thought. So perhaps you can change her pose, or ditch the idea of her writing with fireworks and just use "July" as a floating text. It's looking pretty sweet already.
    Still questioning the outfit. Maybe make the little bit of blue a red? Or, make it work real good.

  2. I like your idea to mimic those long-exposure photographs of people "drawing" with sparklers. But it seems like once you decided on that idea, the scene had to be at night and therefore you used a lot of blues, which ended up making it look a little too cold for july. So you added a lot of fire to get the reds and whites, but then I think "why is that plate of chicken on fire and why is it important that my eye is drawn there?"

    So maybe it would be a good idea to make the type separate so you can have the 10x10 be a daytime scene. Then in the 10x2 strip for the text, THAT can be a nighttime scene and JULY can still be written in sparkler, and all we see is the persons hand.

    Or you could just get rid of her black cape and have her wearing this Luella jacket instead:

  3. Maybe a night scene does make this picture too cold, twilight or evening would be good, right after the sun goes down so there would still be a little warmth? (that could be solved by just adding an overlay layer with orange or red over your sketch). Overall though I think this piece is really interesting to look at and fun. Lighting is going to be key!