Thursday, November 24, 2011

Eve - sketch



  1. Cute ribbon, cute composition...and yes, the coat seems a bit too December. (She mentioned it on the e-mail).
    And omg it's the red shoes!
    I mentioned it to you earlier, but adding a small element can make a great environment - the way you handled the movie poster is a great example. You used simple lines to show it was a tennis court. Like in the Vogue illustration I posted of the woman walking through the flower garden, it's just how the flowers are drawn that makes her stand in a stable and well grounded floor.

    To make an environment, it' doesn't necessarily have to be outdoors. How about adding a little table with box of chocolates? A ground hog peeping from the ground?
    great out fits though, hurray February!

  2. I like the table idea. I will try that!

  3. I really like Mika's idea of chocolates too. I love your simplistic style but I really think your pieces could use some environmental elements because whereas clothing may speak for a season pretty easily it's less likely someone may be able to recognize. a specific month for them.