Friday, November 25, 2011

Alex - sketch



  1. Hey Alex!
    Nice way of combining people lounging, snow trickling in, and sweet hot coco time.
    I like the patterns on the fabrics. The snow coming in from the girl's shoes - awesome.
    Few pointers:
    -The grey feet at the bottom is going along the edge of the carpet, making an awkward space. Maybe you don't need the feet, but a pup or a plate of cookies? I see why you'd want to take up that space, but putting mysterious feet may seem more awkward.
    -you have the top cut off right at the edge of the curtains and the antlers - to make the room more spacious, maybe you can raise both a little higher.
    -The red head's pose doesn't really read a comfortable...she can lean back into the boy or back on the couch? Or against a pillow?
    -colors - I really like your work when you have a color theme going this one, it's a bit all over the place. It's also a bit too dark. Your Absolut vodka, your gluttony and temperance...all had a color theme that made everything in your illustration work well together. Not that you need to make everything in this image green or anything, but consider your darks and lights.

    your hand lettering is simple, maybe adding one other element to tie it back to the illustration may help.

  2. Alex, great colors and environment details!! The buck head and fur carpet could be great elements for creating flow through your piece (like Dan's octopus tentacles he was talking about in class).
    My thoughts on what could be changed are that right now everything in the composition seems a little flat and sterile (an example would be the space of the cabin wall around the deer head, why not have the figures overlap it?). something like this could always be solved by cropping or changing the perspective.

  3. I like your polaroid idea!

    I was about to compliment the subtle way you included Christmas colors until I realized your month was January and not December! Darn! I still like the colors though.

    My only suggestion is to maybe include some glow-y lighting to suggest (what i imagine there is) a crackling fire off the the right.