Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chelsea - sketch



  1. Pretty trees! I can't comment on the outfit too much because I don't know the reference, but the color choices are great. I like that you didn't cover up the model with fur to represent December.
    Your approach is definitely different from last week - so she is now setting on the moon?
    I would like her to be grounded more in the environment some how...Either clarify that she's on the moon or the ground with the trees. Or maybe the figure can be standing in the middle with the trees and the moon as the backdrop?

    I like your lettering and how the light blue seems to be illuminated from the moon - I prefer the light blue over the yellow you used on the moon. Perhaps you can use the light blue for the moon too?

    Her expression will be important to carry out the mood...will she be looking at us? Or some place else? Because December is the first month of winter, maybe you can even have her sleeping/hibernating. I thought I should just throw that in there.

    Let me know if you have any questions. :)

  2. Is it a moon?? I thought she was sitting in a giant snow globe.

    Either way, it seems a little depressing for december. I think its because of the colors or her pose or both (though I'm glad you decided not to go with the typical red and green and white). Its just really solitary, and its not what I think for the month when everyone gets together for the holidays.

  3. I really love your color choices and think they could lend themselves to a strong flatter painting style with a limited color palette (cobalt, payne's gray/prussian blue, white and maybe burnt umber). I think I enjoy the trees in the fore ground most and their silhouettes would translate well into a similar style, which would make your month more readable too.

    I do agree with Mika about grounding your model somewhere. I also think you could lose the tree branches on the sides of the image, they seem like you needed a filler that made your eye move back down the piece. If so there are plenty more elements to use to move the eye (snow, her hair, stars, clouds, the position of her legs). And make sure you don't cut off her feet!