Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kayla - sketch


One with text, one without

About the image:
" it's supposed to be faeries kidnapping a human kid - but like old folk-tale style faeries, not disney-style faeries."
And awesome McQueen reference!


  1. Interesting take on the month. I'm not quite aware of how child snatching by faeries are related to May, so if you can explain that that would be great.

    Right now the lettering, as you mentioned on the e-mail, doesn't sit quite right in the composition. Maybe using the same off-white you have with the McQueen outfit may help? And I would take up the whole corner if you were going to put May at the top. So you may have to move the green lady a little lower, or closer to the viewer.

    Be careful with this image, it's stepping on the edge of possibly looking like October. Any May specific plants or gems? Also, the child doesn't seem to mind that she's being snatched. What if the girl was sitting on the Queen's lap? I do like how much she stands up in comparison to the others.
    ..Looking at it now, I don't think you need the 3 characters in the back - try to keep the image simple to make the 10"x10" most effective. (Affective?) The two characters hold enough differences and the environment helps the little girl look helpless already.

    I hope this made sense...I'm getting a bit food coma-ed from tonight, so let me know if you have any questions.

  2. My train of thought was sort of springtime>flowers>interesting-to-draw springy things> fairies>add more narrative> child snatching.

    I'll really amp up the springy palette and flowers to push it more towards spring - I also forgot about the month-relevant flowers - I think we said lilies were for may, so I can definitely work a lot of those in.
    I like the idea of the girl in the queen's lap - that'll change the composition a lot so i'll see how things shuffle around after that. And I sort of agree about the background characters - I like them a lot but I think they're contributing to how crowded everything is - I'll see if I can either recede them into the background a lot or just get rid of them.

    Thanks for the feedback!!

  3. Definitely like without the text better. With the composition you have now, it gives just enough breathing space in that corner. Also, it confuses the eye anyways with that white text on all the pretty details on the trees.

    I think more flowers is all it needs to make it spring-y and not halloween-y. Also: mushrooms. Specifically "fairy rings." It will be the tell-tale clue to the viewer that these are fairies.

  4. I think it's mostly the temperature that makes me think of winter. I do notice the blossoms in the trees but because everything's blue and green it makes me think of a frost like in the movie Thumbelina.

    I like your idea of fairies. I think that if you're going to stick with it you need to make it clear to the audience that they're fairies. They don't necessarily have to be tiny people with elf ears but the age-old iridescent wings would be nice.