Saturday, December 3, 2011


Great works everyone with the calendars!

Just a reminder, send me your calendar pieces by next week, December 8th, so I can compile a calendar for all of you. It won't be as big as 10"x10", but it'll still be cute and awesome.
Rework on your images if you need to. My e-mail is, and try to keep them at 300dpi for print quality sake. Oh! And if you can remind me of the month and your first and last name, that'd be great.

Your new assignment! And your final! AH!


Your assignment is to create a pair of thematic pieces that accompany a mixed drink recipe.
The first piece will be an illustration containing at least one human figure that captures the unique character of the drink you've chosen. The 2nd piece will be the recipe for the drink itself (type incorporated into the illustration somehow).
There are a lot of directions you could go in with this. Consider simple narratives. What does this drink or the ingredients in it make you think of? What sort of people might enjoy it? What kind of fiction can you confure up? As always, make sure to use good reference for the garments you choose.

Both pieces will be 10.5" x 14.25" at final.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kristen- Sketches/Final Progression

So I did a fairly quick color sketch and spent a lot of time working on the environment and handlettering since I knew that would take me the longest time to complete. Sorry my sketch is a bit late, but the buildings were closed until today and my scanner was flaking out on me. :(
What are your thoughts on adding the hat that is in the outfit I chose to the piece? At first I wasn't feeling it but now I'm thinking it could be a cool addition...