Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kristen- Sketches/Final Progression

So I did a fairly quick color sketch and spent a lot of time working on the environment and handlettering since I knew that would take me the longest time to complete. Sorry my sketch is a bit late, but the buildings were closed until today and my scanner was flaking out on me. :(
What are your thoughts on adding the hat that is in the outfit I chose to the piece? At first I wasn't feeling it but now I'm thinking it could be a cool addition...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Eve - sketch


Sketch postponed for one more day

1. My fault, I didn't realize you can't comment images.
2. People are thanking and giving and maybe forgetting hw?
3. Turkey makes you sleepy.

to upload your sketches, you have 2 choices:

1, and the best choice:
   tell me your e-mail you use blogger with via facebook/e-mail/comment here, so I can invite you so you can post it yourself.


   e-mail me your images and I'll post it for you. But only if you don't have blogger! But really, you should because everyone does. Or at least everyone cool does. My e-mail:

Thanks for those who have already done so, and those who haven't, you can blame it on me but I really hope I can see it soon!

Grace C - sketch


Kayla - sketch


One with text, one without

About the image:
" it's supposed to be faeries kidnapping a human kid - but like old folk-tale style faeries, not disney-style faeries."
And awesome McQueen reference!

Chelsea - sketch


Karli Sketch

So this composition needs to be more dynamic, as i am quickly learning fighting is hard to drawwwww. I am thinking the girl on the far right needs to be kicking the girl on the ground on the right in the face? i don't know. Help?!

Melia's Sketch


Thursday, November 17, 2011


Your assignment is to create a piece for a 2012 fashion illustration calendar. You will be assigned a month to create a singular image/scene for.  Illustrate your assigned month considering first the mood, tone, and holidays/seasons associated with it. The image must be 10"x10" and have typography depicting the name of your month incorporated in or alongside your image. When picking garments for your piece keep the season in mind. Don't just give us a single figure standing on a color field. Find a concept that illustrates an aspect of your assigned month creatively. Remember, you want to make an interesting image you won't be bored of looking at for a whole month. Make it good.  
Additional Option:
1. You can do a 10"x10" month illustration including a slogan or the month in your illustration
2. Illustrate 2 images....1 10"x10" month illustration without words, and 2nd handletter the month in a 10"x3" space. The 10"x3" space is up to you; you can have the type however large or small within that space.


Consider how your figure is going to be in the environment. 
Consider how your environment is going to stand in its space.

When handlettering the month/slogan appropriate for the month, think how it can be illustrative/appropriate to the month. 
Be creative.

Amazing illustration by Mary Kate McDevitt
Her works can be seen at:
She is recently interviewed in Ten Paces and Draw:

Have fun with the environment.

Questions? Comments? Black mail??? E-mail me at

Don't forget! Sketches due on Nov. 24th. Make em good. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Eat lots. 

ALSO! Dan mentioned this...


Love, Dan

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Most Anticipated Films of 2011~12

You've been hired by a pop-culture magazine to do 3 full page illustrations for a spread about the most anticipated films of 2011~12. You will be assigned a film in class.

The concept is to create pieces composed of models that embody the essence of the film in both style and attitude, within some sort of environment inspired by the film. The background/environment for this piece is just as important as the figures, so consider your approach to it carefully. You may include bits of environment, characters, props, or anything that thematically echoes the plot. The setting may be mood based and entirely abstract, so long as it communicates as connection with the subject. Consider the content, theme, style, and narrative of your film. Do some research. Most of thefilms have yet to be released, and have very little content available for viewing. Watch trailers, look at photos, read the plot synopsis. Be creative in your approach to this. Your models should evoke a senes of the film without being "obvious" (ie: If your film is Batman, don't put your model in a Batman costume or a Batman tee-shirt. Rather, dress her in something current, and stylish that calls up a clever visual connection to the film). Keep in mind that this is a high-end magazine, and absurdity and humor are to be kept to a minimum. Your job is to make these films seem appealing to the reader, and to do so in a smart and stylish way. These pieces will be "run" at full bleed. The bleed area measurements are 8.25" x 11.125". The "live" area for print falls 1/4" within the bleed.
Your finals need to be printed at this size.


Sooo I'll post up some works done by past illustrators from this class because it's difficult for me to find illustrators working for movies related to fashion, but look what I have for now!