Friday, November 25, 2011

isaac - sketch



  1. Sweet outfit for the girl! ...or boy? I'd like to see that orange dude as a girl, just cause.
    You have the tendency to make up outfits, so please stay away from doing that with the people in the back (even though those red and blue kicks are super sweet).
    The blue room's throwing me off a bit...It's bright in a way that's too painful for my eyes to critique. Keep it blue, but not that blue.
    The girl's hat looks too much like Teletubbies.
    Also, the ground...I think it's best if you either take away the lines for the tiles, or put some sort of texture to ground the figure all throughout the page.
    Overall, nice sketch! And great reference on her clothes! Super October

  2. Super cool clothes you picked this week. They definitely portray fall without being cliche.

    You have a strong foreground and background, just make sure you don't forget about the middle ground!

  3. I LOVE the flat shapes of the leaves, dont change them a bit! I also love the blue moon.

    The lines of the ground dont bother me but it does make their location a bit confusing. Its not quite a sidewalk and its not a parking lot or anything...

    I like how angular the guy in the back is! He reminds me of characters from the original Disney 101 Dalmations.

    Make sure you give some attention to the face of the figure in the foreground, since we can't really see anyone else's face.