Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello class!

I'm making this blog simply to post any references or artists I wanted to show you but couldn't during class.
Posting isn't mandatory, but if you'd like, you're welcome to use this space to share any ideas, resources, and/or to get critiques.

I'll post fashion illustrations and photos that might inspire you for the assignment. Truthfully I'm really bad at keeping record of my sources so if I post any images without any information, and you know where it's from, please help me out! Thanks!


Daniel Krall
Lifestyle, Body and Behavior

Project 2: A Night Out

You will be creating a sequence of images meant to occupy 1-2 full pages (8”x11”) for a
feature on evenings out. You will create either an imaginary couple (romantic or platonic)
or a group of friends and dress them at least in part from the ready to wear collection of a
designer(s) of your choosing.
The location and activities for the evening are up to you. Try to draw inspiration from
a place you might actually like to visit, an activity you would like to participate in, or a
restaurant you’d like to try. Focus on making this look fun, sexy, and/or intriguing. Your
inspiration for the evening has to be rooted in actual locations and modern in theme. Pay
special attention to the details. If you’re taking us to a specific neighborhood, or showing
us a particular dinner make sure to do your research and plan things accordingly. Don’t
be afraid to focus on the ancillary characters and scenery from time to time. Give us a
narrative that takes us from one point in the evening to another gracefully, and gives
us a sense of how things play out. Remember, this shouldn’t be a “comic” specifically,
so there’s no need for word balloons or anything of that sort. However, if you’d like to
include typography feel free. Just make sure that it flows with the narrative and works
well in conjunction with your images. You’re designing an exciting evening out. Entice
the viewer into wanting to join you.


Antonio Lopez: an artist from the 60's

Agent Provocateur - Return of the Apex II

This is exactly what Dan didn't want... showing sequence with word bubbles, but whatever. They're still fun, right?

<3 Mika